Sunday, 22 April 2012

Two Cooks and a Cabbage (1941)

Nearly every woman in England is competent to write an authoritative article on how not to cook cabbage.
Vyvyan Holland

Bubble & Squeak (1953)
A wash day (Monday) recipe for many working class households.
Mix together equal quantities of cold, cooked mashed potatoes and cold, cooked, chopped cabbage. Add salt and pepper. Heat bacon fat, put the mixture into it, smooth down and cook gently. When the underneath is brown, turn carefully and brown the other side. Be sure it's heated right through.


  1. I make bubble and squeak, but with smashed potatoes instead of mashed, steamed cabbage and lashings of bacon, which is not so Ministry of Food thrifty.

    I read your recent lovely comment on 50's Times blog, and am now enjoying your delightful and pretty blog, totally agree on the importance of a decent cup of tea...

  2. I am a bad Englishwoman. I've never made bubble and squeak. Perhaps I should :) I can of course cook cabbage to perfection though.